In theory, someone’s professional homepage should have some information about them, maybe some information about the kinds of work they do. Probably some thoughts, pithy or otherwise, about the industry in which they work.

This, currently, has very little of that. I hope to make changes, but let’s not hold our breath.

Why? No real reason other than other, preferred, distractions: I enjoy my work, I like my volunteerism, and I love my family. After those, there isn’t much time I’m willing to spend to develop a personal brand at the moment.

If you’re looking for more information about me, there are a number of ways to get in touch over on the left. I’m happy to respond to actual, real questions, requests for advice, and offers. If you’re just curious who I purport to be:

Sean Smith is a system operations professional with 20+ years in the technology industry doing "DevOps"-style automation, enterprise storage, Linux/UNIX system administration, database administration, and LAN/WAN routing and switching. He has worked for Fortune 50 companies and small development agencies, attempting to gain more perspective on how technology can be used to solve people's problems. He enjoys solving problems involving architecture scalability, observability, and security.

Serving in a number of volunteer leadership positions over the years, as well as in a senior staff member professionally, Sean focuses on understanding inclusivity, diversity, and how those factors can make organizations stronger. While we all have a long journey ahead, he appreciates learning opportunities and the growth they afford.

Always a student, he enjoys growing in areas inside and out of his current roles of responsibility, which includes developing an extremely diverse realm of knowledge which is only occasionally useful. Lots of interests, very little time. Father to 3, spouse to 1, reluctant dog walker to a very vocal King Charles Spaniel.